10 Must-Do’s During a Job Interview

Currently, people fear job interviews. So that they avoid job interviews, but job interviews have an opportunity to show your ability and skills, personality, and potential to a potential employer. It increases the chances of success. When you are well prepared and make use of the limited time, you have left a good impression on the interviewer. 

Here are ten essential things to do during a job interview, like 

Know about the company

Before going to the interview, first you find out about the company. When you learn what companies do and what they stand for. You know a company’s history, value product service etc. So that when your interviewer asks you why you want this job, you can easily answer. 

Properly dressed up 

When you go to the interview, your dress should be clean and neat, such that you can choose a slightly formal dress for an interview. Proper Dressing shows that you care for the job and respect the company. 

Arrive on time

Punctuality is essential. When you schedule the interview, you can find an easy route without traffic so that you can reach the company on time for the interview. If you go too late, it has a bad impact on the interviewer because they think you do not care. 

Bring extra copies of your resume.

If you already give the resume online or offline. Still, bring multiple copies to the interview. This preparedness gives the interviewer a handy reference when they start talking about your skills and experience. 

Prepare some questions 

When you reach the company for the interview, the interviewer will ask you some common questions so you are well prepared yourself. Questions like “Tell me about yourself” or “What are your weaknesses and strengths?” practice your answer so you can give the reply confidently.  

Ask questions 

When you give an interview to the interviewer, they do not only ask you questions, but you also can ask questions to the interviewer. It helps to get more knowledge about the company and work role. Such as about the job, the team, what it’s like to work there 

Show your interest 

Let the company know you want a job, be excited and show them you are eager to work with them. 

Use the STAR method. 

When the interviewer asks behavioral questions, you use the STAR method. STAR full form situation, task, action, result. This method helps you structure your responses and offer concrete examples of your experience and skill. 

Body language matters

When you answer the interviewer, you pay attention to your body language. Offer a formal handshake, sit up straight, avoid fidgeting and maintain eye contact. Good body language conveys confidence and professionalism. 

Follow up with a thank you note 

After the interview, you say thank you in the end. Send an email thanking the interviewer for their time. It is an excellent way to show you respect for the opportunity. 

A job interview is an important action in your career journey. When you are well prepared using those steps, it is an advantage to make a positive impression through researching the knowledge about the company, professionally dressed up, and showing your skills and interest. It helps to increase the chances to get dream jobs. When you have Rosette Jobs by your side, you don’t have to worry about interviews.