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PGT Physical Education
salary ₹ 28,000.00 / Per Month
category PGT Physical Education
created 29-09-2023
location Bhatinda, India
Job Info
Education: Degree in Education
Degree Title: Arrange and perform all crucial physical educational activities.
Experience: 1 Years
No of Jobs: 1

To take theory classes of 11th and 12th classes.

Arrange and perform all crucial physical educational activities.

Prepare and record all physical educational activities.

Analyze entire physical educational activities along with students.

Perform with academic teacher as well as clinical staff to identify adaptive physical educational requirements of children.

Participate in entire in-service training.

Evaluate every student’s physical abilities by informal testing.

Plan different recreational activities important for growth of students.

Ensure records related objectives are addressed and share information with Occupational Therapist for reports conclusion.

Interact with various teachers to prepare and organize interdisciplinary lessons.

Ensure to model strict behavior management related strategies.

Instruct or inform students individually else in groups.

Establish precise objectives for every lesson, unit and project.

Interact with parents and guardians as required.

Stimulate administration policies and rules related to physical education.

Analyze student behavior and performance

Job location : Punjab ( near Bhatinda)