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Education Officer
salary ₹ 150,000.00 / Per Month
category Principal
created 06-11-2023
location Hoshiarpur, India
Job Info
Education: Degree in Education
Degree Title: Graduation/post graduation with B.ed
Experience: 3 Years
No of Jobs: 1

Education Officer

Purpose: Is to support schools in improving the quality of teaching & leaving hereby teacher quality and student performance improvement . In principal the education officer brings expertise and supports the school in transformation.

The education officer shall:-

a)Help the schools in academic planning by identifying short term long term goals for school improvement based on student needs.
b) Identify teacher learning needs through classroom teacher wise observation done by the co-ordiantor/Principal.
c)Plan need based teacher training in consultation with the school principal.
d)Shall identify through SWOT the quality of curriculum in place and suggest improvement and facilitate incorporation of changes.
e)Lead curriculum development to or improving the existing one for better student learning.
f)Study, lesson plans, and assist their quality and practicality of class rooms using them in class room.
g)Ensure that the teachers use varied strategies the resources to meet the need of engaged learning and differentiated teaching.
h)Vet the question papers/ home work, assignments to ensure the high quality of question and guide paper.
i)Randomly inspect notebooks, homework to guide and to ensure quality and evaluation, corrections.
j)Shall attend P.T. meetings and on observer and get a feel of the quality of the feedback being given to parents.
k)Shall conduct can one to one feedback session with teachers,specifically about their teaching assessment feedback to parents.
l)Shall review student progress with the principal and help in planning of the any remedial.
m)Shall lead innovation by suggesting implementable ideas.
n)Shall make visit reports on the criteria of read to CEO, VE